Day Trip, Tainos  Eco-tours

This project is dedicated to the Taino Indians for educational Ecotourism and Ecological research, as well as aid for the community of La Piedra. Santo Domingo, Province.

100% Benefit the community

The tour includes, a walk / bicycle tour in the community of La Piedra, visiting different caves, sharing and interacting with the children of the Bilingual School, Dr. Lynne Guitar. 100% of the income goes directly to the Guanin Foundation, for community projects.

Day tour program

1) 8:00 AM, Departure from your hotels in Boca Chica or Santo Domingo.

2) 9:00 AM, introduction to the history of the community of La Piedra

3) 9:00 AM, interact-activities with school children, Dr. Lynne Guitar

4) 12:00 PM, Lunch sharing with the children

5) 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, Ni Rahu Cave tour.

6) 4:00 PM, return to your hotel.


The tour Included, Transportation, Tour guide in English, Lunch with fresh juices, bottle of water, interaction with school kids and local community. 

This ecological project Cueva Ni Rahú Cave (in Taino language, "ni" means water, and "rahú" means children; thus, in Spanish, Cueva de los Niños del Agua), a project designed by Dr. Lynne Guitar, Ph.D., Anthropologist and Historian of the Taino culture, from the XVI Century, for groups and individuals who want to know and share with the locals.

Ni Rahu Taino Cave project is  an eco-tourism education and ecological research center will be built where Dominican students will gather from all levels (public and private schools, elementary and high schools as well as universities and institutes), more international students, church groups, youth groups, special interest groups, and also tourist groups in general, as well as scientists and other visitors who are interested in ecology, protection of the environment and fragile lands, as well as the indigenous cultural heritage of the Greater Antilles and their descendants. We will provide opportunities for educational and adventurous excursions, including guided tours by specialists in the cave's flora and fauna, and explorations of the crystalline underground pools. There will also be opportunities for researchers who wish to do extended stays.

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